Summer School

December - February

Summer School starts on the 1st of December every year after students have finished their November examination. Summer School is used by students to cover the foundation work for the Grade in the following year. Students who have performed poorly during the year are encouraged to take Summer School lessons to help work on their weaker areas at a slower pace. The slower pace helps students ask the necessary questions often left out during a rushed academic year. The students who are interested in learning new work often use Summer School to stay ahead of their classmates in the following year. The benefit of Summer School is phenomenal since students enter into the new year confidently and full of new ideas. The academic year for University students comes to an end but those who need additional credits to graduate will work to pass the supplementary exam. Summer School is a great assistance for them to ask their questions as they seek to pass the supplementary exam.

Autumn School

March - May

During the Autumn School period, students are working toward the end of their first term of the year. Exam preparation is important since it will give students the confidence they require to complete the Firs Term exam successfully. Control tests are used to test students in the first quarter of the year and working through the intense Autumn School helps students achieve their academic goals. University students work to complete their various Mid-Terms exams. During the Mid-Term holiday break students are assisted with the necessary content to achieve success after the Mid-Term break. After a successful Autumn School, students gear up for the Winter School Programme in preparation for the upcoming June exams. Every year the June exams are very important exams since institutions look at June results as a benchmark for a candidate.

Winter School

June - August

In the heart of Winter, students are working on exam preparation. The cold weather may be a little unpleasant in some cases to study and have lessons but due to the commitment of students, they often do their best. Candidates who are part of the Winter School Program are taught to grow in their academics using our support system to build the structure they need to pass the upcoming September exams. During the Winter School session students also catch up on the topics misunderstood or forgotten in Term 1 and Term 2. Winter School is also used as an introduction into Term 3 where students use their break to learn the material beforehand assisting them in making well-informed decisions in tests and homework situations when the new term begins. All thesis-based support offered to students come to an end since submissions are in September and October.

Spring School

September - November

Students all love Spring School since those not joining the Summer School know that it will be a holiday for them soon. Term 4 is where students work on their November examination and where they find that working harder is going to help them better their grade. Spring School is where the rubber meets the road for most students, students and tutors pull all stops to work on the last leg of the academic year. Graduation for undergraduate courses is concluded and those who make it have planned to embark on their journey the following year.