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I received comprehensible and hands-on tutoring from Ethan. He found simpler and interactive ways on how to convey difficult mathematical methods and concepts. He was always patient and willing to repeat certain areas of work when I needed it. The tutoring has helped me gain confidence in class, as well as increasing my marks.


Student – Grade 12
The tutoring sessions I received were comprehensive and student friendly. I learnt something in every lesson, but more than that I learnt how to ask questions and solve problems. The tutoring really helped me towards the end of my matric year. It helped me to achieve the marks I needed to meet the academic requirements to enter university. Tutoring definitely helps a student or learner that wants to learn one-on-one


Student – BEng Electrical Engineering
E2 tutoring has been of immense help with maths and physics to my 14 year old son in grade 9 that attends a private school in Cape Town. Ethan's expertise ranges from conventional teaching methods to meeting each student's specific needs via different methodological and unconventional approaches. His intense discipline, drive and utmost passion for what he does sets him apart from others. I therefore gladly recommend E2 tutoring to anyone in need of his services.

Dr. Omotola

Parent - Grade 9
I received honest and professional work from Ethan. I needed a quick recap and help with engineering maths and Ethan was willing and able to see me within the short time constraint as I was relocating within the week. Thank you Ethan.


Student – BTech Chemical Engineering
From the minute go we have only received professionalism with a human touch from Ethan. His way of communicating and relating to our daughter has only been awesome from the start. Ethan has so much patience and is so willing and caring to assist. He shows a true interest in kids' education. He helps in boosting confidence in learning while making it fun and memorable. We are so happy that we have been making use of his services and would recommend him to anyone anytime.

Brandon & Charlene

Parents - Grade 8 - 12
I would like to thank you for the service received thus far Ethan. My son has grown so much over the past few weeks in confidence and embracing the new challenges that you have delivered on his path. He has found a work goal formula and accepts no pain no reward. Thanks for the patience and for accepting the challenge on such short notice. Your positive attitude is just a valuable asset making others open up and accept you as part of their family. THANK YOU for being an approachable teacher.


Parent - Grade 10 & 11
You are a true inspiration and positive role model to my daughter Charney Rooi. From the very first day you took her under your wing, she has become very confident, positive and full of spirit young girl. Special thanks for the message you sent her. She is all in good spirits and very much positive. You are a real motivation for the youngsters today and I would highly recommend your services. Keep up the great work. The sky is the limit! May God continue to guide and bless you in this much-appreciated work you doing!"Never give up on what you want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts" Albert Einstein


Parent - Grade 11 & 12
Ethan has taught me ways to make studying much easier and he has helped me to understand my work. I feel motivated and encouraged to work harder. He also gave me career guidance and helped me to plan for my future. Thank You Ethan


Student – Grade 12
Ethan is an excellent tutor and is knowledgeable of his work. He understands how different children learn and plans his work accordingly. He assesses children and can come down to their level of understanding. His work speaks about children's academic results. My son found a partner and a good friend after meeting Ethan. His Maths results improved drastically. For the first time in his life, my son achieved 80% in Maths after meeting Ethan. A very dedicated, loyal, and effective individual. I don't regret meeting and working with Ethan


Parent - Grade 11 & 12
I first heard about Ethan through a friend of mine. I then decided to try him, and I must say, since I've spoken to him, he is very professional, understanding, and very committed. He keeps his communication door open and is down to earth when dealing with a child. He listens to your needs and promises to accommodate you and keep his promise. My son participates and can engage when they have a class, which is a significant improvement. I wish I had met him in the early Grades; I'm sure he would have done better than he did. Thank you, Mr. Ethan, for helping us. I don't even worry much about my son's performance and how I intervene anymore, knowing that he has someone like you as his backup.


Parent - Grade 11 & 12
Hello, I wondered whether you ever realized that you were also transferring a different skill through your tutoring. I sneaked up on Jayden helping a fellow learner with a maths assignment last Friday eve. Full-on no-nonsense, serious tutoring. She had no time to giggle. It was so cute. She thought he was going to give her the answers, but she had to work for it


Parent - Grade 8 and 9
Ethan was my math tutor & he was very passionate. Learning with him, I.could come to understand Maths way better, and he provided me with excess resources to practice, and he would check them. I really like that! Ethan is patient and makes sure that you understand everything you need to and then moves on to the next. He is indeed friendly, and the environment was always filled with light when he was tutoring me🔥 .


Student- Grade 11 and 12
During my tutoring sessions, Ethan taught me new methods to work out certain physics concepts; these methods I found were often easier and more comprehensible than the methods I learned in class. He was very patient with me and helped me gain confidence in my work.


Student - Grade 11
I’ve only had a few lessons so far, but I am definitely learning a whole lot more than what I was. He already understands concepts of the certain basics and explains it to you well, and then also with trying to solve complex problems. Definitely should attend!


Student - Grade 12
For the past 3 years, Ethan has taught me many things. I admire that he worked and experienced the engineering field and implemented this knowledge in his tutoring classes. Before tests, I am thoroughly prepared for what is coming. He is a good tutor and is highly recommended as he has professional knowledge.


Student - N4 Mechanical Technical College
Recommending E - Squared Tutoring is such an easy decision to make as you know your child won't only get a tutor but also someone who will motivate, be a good influence, and be trusted. Also, the fact that Ethan has a huge heart and cares about the kids he is helping makes recommending his business easy. He made sure that covid did not stop him from getting into contact with his students as online sessions were being done, which is fantastic. I will highly recommend using e-squared to anyone searching for someone to impact their kids learning experience positively.


Parent - Grade 8 - 12
Since the day Ethan started tutoring me, it was great. I needed help in maths, and Ethan was willing to help me. He never let me down. Always willing to help me with maths, and I appreciate everything he did for me. You are the best.


Student - Grade 12
For the past 5 years, Ethan has taught me a lot. Always work hard, set goals, and be more focused on those goals. He motivates me to do my work. He's setting me up to have a great career when I'm older. I can only say positive things about Ethan im always looking forward to his lessons throughout the day because it's always a great experience.


Student - Grade 7 - 11


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