Ethan R. Esbach


Ethan has worked extensively in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, and Sales and Marketing.

Through his experience with theory and practice, he has developed simple but effective methods to help students understand complicated concepts. His clear and concise approach encourages students to be original thinkers and to look for creative solutions in their work.

Ethan has a special interest in supporting Masters candidates who wish to undertake high-quality research, which is of an international standard. He believes that South African students are fully capable of competing globally in their chosen fields.

Dr. Wighens


Wighens has professional and academic experience in the field of Chemical process engineering with strength in water & wastewater treatments, mineral processing & hydrometallurgy, and biochemical engineering.

He can teach subjects such as chemical engineering technology, chemical engineering plant, heat and mass transfer, unit operations in chemical engineering, including mathematics and science, to high school pupils.

Wighens offers his time to assist students working on their final year projects, in-service training reports, and candidates submitting their Master's dissertation.